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Shop with confidence knowing your purchase is backed by our Low Price Guarantee. If you see the exact same item advertised on a competitor’s website for a lower price, simply give us a call and we will match it. Just one more way Surf Fanatics is committed to your satisfaction.
Q. What is Low Price Guarantee?
A. Our goal at Fanatics is to be your one stop shop for all of your officially licensed team merchandise. We will offer a Low Price Guarantee against any legitimate online advertisement or website with the exact item. Exact means identical product, title, color, size, design, brand, player, and team. Just call our dedicated Low Price Guarantee Customer Service Team with the website name and item number, we will verify it on the spot and match it.
Q. How long after I place my order will the Low Price Guarantee apply?
A. We will match any competitor’s advertised price for a period of 15 days after the initial purchase date. If you find the same item at a lower price on our website or another verified website, we will refund the difference upon contacting us.
Q. What items are eligible under the Low Price Guarantee program?
A. We will offer a Low Price Guarantee on all of our officially licensed, branded items.
Q. Are quantities limited on Low Price Guarantee products?
A. We reserve the right to limit quantities sold on any purchase.
Q. How do I receive the Low Price Guarantee?
A. If you see an identical item on a different site for a lower cost, please contact our dedicated Low Price Guarantee Fan Services Team.